Podcasting Tips

Podcasting Tips, With Belinda Seeney

Do you want to know how to better prepare for a podcast recording?

We’ve invited Belinda Seeney to give us her tips and advice to help you get ready before your podcast recording session.

Here are some of the tips she gave us:

1. How do you prepare for recording a podcast? – Research thoroughly 

2. Would you prefer a fully scripted episode? – No, focus on background questions

3. What if I make a mistake? Relax, you can re-record as necessary 

4. How do you approach the interview? – Keep a conversational, natural tone

5. How do you navigate the recording session? – Have your talking points at hand

6. Take notes and follow up with questions

7. Smile!

We’re sure these tips will help you have a more enjoyable and relax recording experience.

Improve Your Podcast Host Skills

As you start each podcast with light discussion, you will find the quality of your interviews to improve because your guests are more comfortable.
If you DON’T check your personality at the door, you will add a consistent element that generates a faithful following.
As you do your research, the quality of your interview questions will be on par with the greats.
As you produce YOUR podcast and NOT your audience’s podcast, your passion will become intoxicating to those who listen.
As you become more flexible with your questions, you will foster more profound discussion with the experts.