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MY HONEST OPINION ABOUT… Why puppets are not for kids.

“We got obnoxiously drunk and started inserting the ‘puppet’ into famous movie titles and ‘Dead Puppet Society’ just stuck. We knew we were going to change it when we came up with a better idea and it’s now 12 years old.”


In their own words, Nicholas Paine and David Morton are “hell bent on bringing their inimitable brand of entertainment to the world”. 


In everyone else’s book, they’re the two guys who registered one of the coolest company names in showbiz. 


Nick and David founded Dead Puppet Society in 2008 to create deeply imaginative theatre where the old school meets the technological and the mythic meets the modern.


“When we first started the company … we were hell-bent on this idea it was adult theatre.”

In this podcast, they reflect on a remarkable career trajectory that started at QUT, blazed a trail through Brisbane’s most respected arts organisations and festivals then on to the world stage, including residencies in New York and productions in the UK.

Yet through it all, they continue to battle a global misconception that puppetry is just for kids.


David and Nick offer their honest opinions on Brisbane as a breeding ground for artists, reveal their huge international plans and share some of the cringeworthy company names drunkenly proposed.


“Anything is possible. I mean, we’d get in a lot of trouble if we had to rip a limb off our performer but it’s fine for a puppet.”

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GUEST: David Morton, Creative Director and Nicholas Paine, Executive Producer of Dead Puppet Society


HOST: Belinda Seeney


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