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MY HONEST OPINION ABOUT… What it’s really like to make it in showbusiness

“I think I’ve been engrossed in an industry that I absolutely adore for so long now that I’m a little bit tired and little bit over it and it’s not the attitude I want to have.”

It’s not a stretch to say 2019 was both exhausting and exhilarating for Brisbane performer Tom Oliver.

The globetrotting singer, actor and creator had spent only three of the past 52 weeks in his hometown; his career taking him from a luxury cruise liner in the Caribbean to dancing in a bedazzled lobster costume at La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre.

“I was literally at the traffic lights yesterday going, “am I about to just quit the industry?”

I think that’s what 2020 is for me, really trying to nut out where I sit in this space.”

In this podcast, Tom discusses the – metaphorical and physical – crossroads moment that has him questioning the future of his career; dissects what it’s really like to get everything you’ve ever wished for; and nominates who he believes has the chops to lead Brisbane’s creative and artistic community forward.

He also reveals what it’s really like living on a floating city, whether showbusiness is as glamourous as it’s made out to be and spills the beans on the New Year’s Eve he spent partying with Australian rock royalty on Sydney Harbour.

“The idea of travelling the world, seeing shows, and then bringing them back to Brisbane is a pretty exciting thought.”

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