Podcasting FAQ

What is the perfect length for an episode?

There’s no perfect length. Plan and tell your episode, and however long it ends up, that’s how long it needs to be.

Is there a ‘neutral’ platform we can direct people to a post instead of posting all the platform links?

The best practice is to have a webpage dedicated to each podcast, something like https://www.YOURBRAND.com/YOUR_PODCAST_podcast. where you have an embed player with the podcast, a badge to apple, Spotify, google, etc., and each episode is there as blog post, including show notes, transcriptions and resources (link to books, guests contacts, etc).
It is better to direct to your own site rather than to the hosting service, as not only you increase traffic, but can monitor and measure overall results from facebook/LinkedIn/etc campaigns.
It is also a place to open a communication channel for listeners, so they can send comments and questions (if you open a contact section). what are your thoughts about it?

What is the best/ethical/effective way to get your podcast to an audience when you can’t afford ads?

The best way is to make a top-quality show. Make it so good that people can’t help but share it with their friends. Word of mouth advertising is 100x more powerful than ads, and it’s free. You’ve just got to earn it.

Should I use original music, or royalty free music on my podcast?

Original will cost you $$$

Is it too late to start a podcast?

Is never too late, even though the podcast landscape has become more competitive in the last 5 years, a planned story, the right format, and an outstanding production will bring you to your audience.

What format has the most potential for success, casual and humorous conversation or scripted and produced content?

My very personal opinion is that “casual conversation” podcasts are only as interesting as the people having the conversation. I always recommend our clients aiming for something more scripted and polished.

Should I use free hosting sites to host my show?

Podcast hosting is tricky. Don’t use “free” hosts because they usually claim ownership of any content on their platform. And don’t use hosting that isn’t podcast-specific, like SoundCloud.

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