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Five Tips to Building Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand: Why is it so important to understand it and work on it? Why should you get everyone around you to to work on them? Phil will tell you! and give you five great tips to build your personal brand, in the latest FlashCast By PDB episode!

In this episode, Phil gives us his five tips to shape your own successful personal brand! Is a great episode full of takeaways for leaders, employees and anyone with a burning desire to improve, to get better, to be authentic, through this five tips:

  1. Value what makes you different, trust your individual qualities
  2. Accountability, personal branding is ultimate individual responsibility
  3. Ability to communicate your identity, your personal brand
  4. Carefully select your resources, aligning your brand with the right people, the right opportunity and the right things happening around you.
  5. Be entrepreneurial, if you’re not first be different, be better. What can I keep doing? What must I stop doing, and what do I start doing.

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